We believe that everything is energy, and we can guide our energy gently with the holistic approach of all that is life, the eight elements. According to the oldest science of the Earth, the Vedic science, these elements are earth, water, fire and air, and for the higher realms time, space, sound and light.

We need to feel grounded and supported in the search for our deeper meaning in this life, in which the energy codes of crystals, the healing smoke of incense and transforming scent of our fragrances can help us with.

Our mission is to help you guide your way to your highest truth, with the nudges and wisdom that crystals & ceramics (earth), incense (air), candles (fire) and fragrances (water) can bring you.

And to help your path even further, we have created a sacred digital space for your connection with your higher self, www.efg.center. Welcome to expand your world and consciousness with us, to create a beautiful sanctuary and make time for your holistic wellbeing.