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03 Artwork (Do Not Give Up)

03 Artwork (Do Not Give Up)

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"Don't you ever give up
Don't you ever lose faith

Believe it's yours
Already and forever

Life gets easy
Beauty of the Earth

Enjoy this journey
Being conscious of the birth"

'DO NOT GIVE UP' is a reminder that with resilience your life is about to change for the better, for good. Get ready to receive abundance of health, wealth, love and success in this lifetime, loving the way you live and surrendering to your glorious destiny. Emmi Granlund is a prolific Scandinavian visual artist, interior architect, designer and musician living in the countryside of Southern Finland.

Her artworks have been shown internationally in solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Minneapolis and Helsinki. She finds herself playing with the whispers of higher realms and possibilities in human life and above, colouring the mind of the viewer with visions, flashes and downloads from the Universe.
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